Prive yoga Nijmegen

My private yoga classes are purely for your needs and wishes. We will go in the pace you like and work towards the goals you have. You will be amazed how soon you will make progress, gaining flexibility in your body, losing tension and feeling more into the flow of your life.

As you are the only one in the class, I can focus on your energy solely. Which gives so much better results then practising in a group class. Using Ayurveda principles we look into which constitutional type (dosha) you are. So your yoga practice will be off benefit to you, working on disbalances in your dosha and energy bodies.

In private yoga classes I make use of different tools beside asana (physical) practice, like meditation, visualisation, mantra’s, mudra’s, pranayama, affirmations, angel/energy cards and Reiki. It’s a healing journey. And can be compared with a transforming life coaching session.


In my peaceful studio in Nijmegen West (Hees). In English or Dutch.


E 65, per class (1 hr)