Yoga retreat May 2017 Spain. A healing yoga retreat with flow yoga twice a day in a Dome(!) meditation, soundhealing, beautiful mountains around, close to airports of Valencia and Alicante. Many have been to this yoga retreat before and all of them loved it. Beginners and advanced yogi’s. Many say: “I finally feel what yoga means and does to my energy bodies. It is so calming and nourishing. Spiritual and down to earth at the same time.” I have a speciality in flow and Ayurveda yoga which will learn you more about which type you are and what you can do in your practice to balance your energy.

In this yoga retreat I have the support of an amazing joyful woman. A soundhealer, rebel, healer and my good friend Michele Averard. She will open your hearts (and voice) just by who she is. Singing mantra’s together, leading a sjamanistic session in a mountain cave and giving individual soundhealing session which you shouldn’t miss!

A very complete yoga retreat in Spain in the best month of the year (11-15 May). Don’t miss it in 2017. Only E 500.- More info here.