What is healthy food and diet? Raw, no meat, paleo, vegan, detox…which diet is healthy for you? Are you going with the hypes or would you trust the 5000 years of wisdom of Ayurveda? ‘Eat what you digest’, is a simple but very true principle on which not only Ayurveda but also Chinese medicine is based. Ayurveda learns you more about your dosha, your constitutional type (mix of vata, pitta, kapha) and which energies play a main role in your energy and physical body. For example diet-wise: some people with a mainly vata energy need a little amount of meat to stay balanced and grounded. Mainly kapha types could do without and choose for lighter alternatives.

Knowing who you are from an Ayurveda point of view is the key to healing and self realisation. Combined with a yoga practice that suits your type, season and climate, you can make major improvements in your health.

As an ayurveda yoga teacher I am mixing all tools into my private teachings and retreats. To support your growth and healing. The physical practice, meditation, yoga nidra, mantra, mudra’s, chakra qualities and guided visualisations support all together the energy that wants to be healed and transformed.

In the next Ayurveda yoga retreat in Spain in October (6-10 October 2016) my dear friend Wieke Wassenaar will join me. A lovely woman and orthomoleculair therapist. She will offer a health consultation to every participant, based on Asyra, an energetic analysis system. So food can be the medicine and medicine be the food. Read more about her here.