Spiritual healing Nijmegen

Healing is a natural force that we all have inside of us. Think of how we can overcome loss, fear, insecurity, anger and also how our body heals itself after illness or fractures. The most important thing with (spiritual)healing, is the intention and openness for the healing to take place and the courage to work on yourself. If you want to stick to your fears, you will. If you want to stick to your anger, you will. No healing force can change that. But if you are willing to let go, the process of healing can start. And you will be guided.

How spiritual healing helps

At certain points in our lives we all need help. Because we are to hurt, damaged, exhausted or blocked to see and feel our own light. Spiritual healing helps to reconnect again. When the presence of Spirit is felt, a wave of love and often release is felt and the real healing is taking place.
The spiritual healer does not heal of themselves. They are a channel for the healing energies to flow through. These energies come from the source of life. A power that can awaken the natural self-healing abilities within a person and can bring about a state of natural relaxation which often leads to peace of mind and a greater understanding.

How do I work

  1. During the intake I make sure you feel comfortable and safe. I will be asking you questions about the difficulties you are facing at the moment and where you would like to focus on in the healing. I am not only listening to you but also connecting and tuning into your energy. After the intake we decide if we work together and make a first appointment for a session.
  2. First session: I invite you to lie down on a massage table. I first measure your energy system. I will be standing close to you and allow myself to go into a mild trance state, to be compared with a deep meditative state. In this process I make contact with the Spirit guides and the Light of Source to bring healing. When the attunement is made, I put my both hands somewhere on or around your body according to the interventions that I use. Every healing is different and I never know what will happen. During the healing I might get messages or insights which I need to share with you or I might take you through an inquiry. You will receive what is necessary. You could feel cold or hot vibrations, colours, pain, sorrow, relieve or anything else. The first healing can worsen pain, emotions or allow deep fatique to release. After some time this will balance into more harmony, release, understanding and deep relaxation.
  3. After the energy healing you will get the time to come back to yourself and share what you have experienced. I will share any insights or messages which I might have received for you.

Your role

It is important to note that Spiritual healing works on the cause of the blockage. You might have back pains or headaches which are symptoms of underlying emotions or stress. The healing of the cause takes time and is a process. Symptoms might still be there, or come back when the cause of the problem has been there for a long time or not (fully)dealt with by the client after the healing. It is common sense that you have to do inner work to make sustainable change happen. The healing will help you to understand and find the strength to move forward in your process.

Not as expected

Healing sometimes also takes place in a different way than expected. I met my spiritual and yoga teacher when she was diagnosed with incurable cancer being in her fifties. She lived for another 3 years. And even though her physical body was deteriorating, the last years of her life were her best. She made a huge growth on a spiritual level by allowing healing to take place for all the things that happened in her life. She recognised and apologised for the mistakes she made, she forgave the ones that hurt her and she let go of the things she couldn’t change. She died in peace.

My healing skills and training

As a child I wanted to bring harmony already and to know ‘the- reason-why’ people were (re)acting the way they did. With my spiritual nature I felt different and often misunderstood in the family I grew up in. A burnout in my late 20’s made me go on my own path leaving my family (non)believe system behind. Leading me into Reiki, numerous energy development courses, Ayurveda yoga, meditation, sound training, family constellations, Healing Touch and Inner Guidance. Since I am attending different mediumship and healing courses at the Arthur Findlay College* in London and at De Zwanenhof in The Netherlands  I feel I am really coming home. The connection with Spirit is growing stronger every day and is meant to help others, bringing the harmony I was longing for as a kid already.

I followed as well a training as a Healing Touch therapist. The only accredited (SNRO) bio energy healing education in the Netherlands regognised as complementary treatment in the health care system. Healing Touch is a worldwide accredited education. It started in the US and is widely used by nurses in hospitals. Learn more on this page about energetic healing in Nijmegen (in Dutch)

Inner Guidance, a profound healing process combining sound, energy healing and inquiry is another tool that I offer. I am trained as an Advanced Level 2 Facilitator by the founder of this process, Amara Samata, in Bali.

* The Worlds Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences

Healing in Nijmegen

The healing sessions take place in my new hometown Nijmegen. In Dutch or English. Throughout the week I am availible at different times for a healing in De Bewustzijn Yurt in Nijmegen. Apointments can be made by email at info@debewustzijnyurt.nl / See www.debewustzijnyurt.nl for rates and info.