Yoga retreat South Goa

This yoga retreat takes place in the South of Goa in the tranquil and extraordinary eco holistic wellbeing centre Khaama Kethna. A heaven on earth. A place for being..just who you truly are. Overlooking a green lush jungle valley, Khaama Kethna is located on top of a hillside in a forest garden of 12,5 acres. Perfect for a quiet retreat offering all you need to rewind and reconnect.

The long and peaceful Agonda beach is just a 10 minutes motorbike or ricksha (taxi) drive away. So you can combine beach life with the tranquillity and facilities of Khaama Kethna.

In this yoga retreat we focus on re-establishing the harmony and balance into your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. You will be nourished on every level. With home grown and organic vegetarian food and an Ayurvedic yoga and meditation program that will be very transformative and tailor-made to your needs. In a small and intimate group you will experience the essence of yoga and Ayurveda lifestyle, taking you into the next step of your spiritual journey.

Complementary to the retreat program Khaama Kethna offers a varying range of healing treatments like (Ayurveda) massages, art and dance classes, inspiring movie nights and mantra singing.

This 7-days yoga retreat takes place at a stunning eco location in the middle of nature. Offering an exceptional experience into tranquillity, transformation and spiritual growth.

Date: 4-10 February 2017

Price: € 750.-

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Yoga retreat South GoaStunning eco retreat
Nature all around, returning to who you are

Yoga retreat South GoaAyurveda
A healthy and happy you, with the right food, treatments and yoga

Yoga retreat South GoaGoa itself
Friendly colourful people, pristine beaches