Everybody knows the feeling…of the need to unwind, stand still and come back to yourself. We all know very well how to work hard, take care of our family, doing 10 things at the same time. But where does it leave you? When was the last time that you were on the top of your list?

A yoga retreat of SoulfulLiving is a small holiday that brings you back to who you really are. Out of the demanding roles you might have as a mother, partner, employee, sister, caretaker or whatever else that is asking your attention and energy. It’s your time now. Give yourself this present. We all need it…and you surely deserve it.


Don’t be afraid of not having enough yoga experience to go on a SoulfulLiving yoga retreat. Working your butt off for 2 hours yoga in the morning and evening – as in many other retreats – is something I won’t ask you to do. Every yoga retreat is a holiday and very well balanced with yoga, workshops, free time, treatments and optional sessions or trips.

Yoga classes include meditation, yoga nidra (guided visualisation) and short lectures and will vary according to what is needed in the moment. It’s up to you when to join and when to take a step back.


At this moment I am offering yoga retreats in Spain, Sicily, Goa and Thailand. But destinations will change and vary, together with where the wind will take me. Every retreat has its own special highlights and is based on the basic principles of SoulfulLiving: authenticity, healthy food, soulful yoga and warm people.

Private retreat

If you have a request for a private retreat at one of my locations or anywhere else on this globe, I would be pleased to talk about it with you.


Retreats in Spain

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Retreats in Sicily

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Retreats in Thailand

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Retreats in India

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