Namaste Challenge 4 soul to soul. Until World Peace Day (21st of Sept) I ‘challenge’ myself (and others) to shine the light on those who have touched my soul. Today: Mille Bruun Sjøgren

When Mille is entering a room, everybody will know it. Mille is present. She loves to be in the middle of it, embracing everyone with her life energy. It’s not surprising that she likes to be on a stage and talk and connect people. Sharing her visions on the way and touching other souls. Maybe it’s because she was stabbed in her twenties – and nearly died- that she has such a driving force to life to its fullest.

I don’t know. It’s who she is, from deep down inside. Her soul wants to touch yours. Wake it up and let it tremble inside.

When you meet her, you will know. Enjoy her vibration of life joy. I do, every time I see her.

Namasté Mille. I admire your driving force. You are an inspiration and joy to be with.

Are you sharing your soul to soul encountering in the Namasté Challenge with me?