Good and healthy food becomes important to more and more people. There is a lot to do about it nowadays. One chooses to be vegetarian, the other one goes for a Paleo diet and cuts out wheat and the next feels good with raw food. I don’t preach any of these choices. But I do like to encourage you to eat ‘real’ food. Fresh, no preservatives, no white sugar and as far as possible locally grown in your own garden or buy it from a local farmer.


I used to have a lot of problems with my digestion. Since two years I eat no gluten and lactose, which made all the problems fade away. Due to this i had to cut out bread, cakes, cookies, pasta and milk products from my diet. It took me a while to get rid of the sugar (wheat) addiction and to change my eating pattern. I feel so happy I did. I have much more energy, as i feed myself with food full of nutrition instead of filling myself with things that contain no healthy ingredients. Good digestion is important for overall health and body function. Are you aware of what you eat?

Food and yoga

During all my yoga retreats there is a lot of attention for food. Sometimes the cook chooses the vegetarian kitchen, or just locally produced products including meat or fish. The Thai kitchen is always one big celebration: with fresh vegetables and herbs, almost no meat and lovely seafood. But it’s not only about the ingredients, you taste also the love that has been put into making a meal. That’s why I choose for cooks with a smile!

At home

I am lucky with a lovely husband who likes to be with his hands in the greenery growing cucumbers and sunny tomatoes. And he bakes alternative gluten-lacto-sugar free cakes and bagels. Yammy and healthy for the whole family. Have a look at his famous recipes!

Healthy raw snickers chocolate bar recipe

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Healthy Glutenfree bagels

Recepies will follow..


Strawberry sugar- glutenfree cake

Recepies will follow..


Sugar and glutenfree cupcakes

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