Sure you can! There are always differences in level of experience during the retreat. I even had a yoga teacher and yoga-virgin in the same group. The classes are suitable for everyone. I encourage you to find your own flow and to go inside. It’s not about lifting your leg up as far as possible…I like you to get into the deeper feeling of yoga. Then the leg will follow.
When you like strong asthanga or Bikram classes purely based on a physical workout, you will find my lessons different. I work with energy-patterns and chakra balancing which you will feel in every cell of your body. That’s doesn’t mean my classes aren’t dynamic and physically demanding. No matter how much experience you have, I am sure that my classes will bring you to another level in your practice. Let’s unite and see where the journey takes us.
This varies a lot according to the destination. The group is a mix from single travellers, couples, friends, men and woman from all ages alike. It’s a like-minded energy that brings people together. The average age is 30 – 55 years old. Are you older or younger? Of course you are welcome to join.
In general there are 2 classes a day from 1 hour each. Depending on the energy and the mood I mix these classes with meditation, yoga nidra, lectures or small assignments.
Please join SoulfulLiving by signing up with your email address. I will keep you posted on further dates. I am always looking for new destinations and travel a lot around the globe. I am sure we will meet somewhere, when time is right.
Yes you can. If the vibe between us is good, I am more then happy to make a fantastic experience for you and your friends, colleagues or anyother groupsetting.