Ayurveda yoga connects to your needs. Ayurveda yoga? Another new type of yoga? No. Ayurveda is as old as yoga itself and they are often seen as sister sciences. In Ayurveda yoga the basic principles of Ayurveda are used to know who you are, what constitution you have (main energy that plays a role in your personality and body) and how you can use yoga to bring your energy into balance again. No new fashion at all, but 5000 years old knowledge which is so usefull and practical.

We are all different, which means we also need a different yoga practice. Is your yoga class supporting you? Bringing the balance you need? Did you ever ask yourself if that power yoga class- which you might love- brought you what you need? Be honoust. I see to often people struggling in classes that look more like a workout than yoga. There is no time for proper breathing, no time to feel the energy and to allow yourself to work with it. Did you rush through your practice keeping up with the cue of your teacher? Did you feel competative and pushed? Did you feel tired and empty after class or did you leave the room calm and peacefully?

A dynamic practice is good and necessary in some seasons or for some types (Kapha). But not always. Ayurveda yoga teaches you to feel what you need. Instead of acting on what you think that you need.

After completing my practicum I received my certification last week as an Ayurveda yoga teacher. It’s such an interesting subject which brings so many things together and opens new doors. Thank you Melanie Phillips for your authentic teachings and sharing your knowledge.