About SoulfulLiving

Look at them (not because I am their proud mother..)! What a free souls, pure and joyful. We are still like them, even when we get older. We just need to stop running, worrying or walking away from who we really are.

With SoulfulLiving I want to take you on your journey inside and into the now. Which isn’t hard, no it is actually a great gift for your soul. You feel rejuvenated, uplifted and happy as there is time and attention for the most important person in your life..you!

All yoga retreats of SoulfulLiving are at special places with special people. This won’t

bring you into luxury wellness resorts which you can find in any travel magazine.

No, I am talking about a real experience with authenticity, fabulous nature, healthy food, soulful yoga and people working with you with great love and warmth. Every yoga retreat is meant to be inspirational, in a laughter way. You could meditate in a Buddhist temple, be surprised by a tarotreading or sing out loud during a mantra circle.

I will take you into my way of teaching flow yoga, in all its aspects. Surfing on the waves of your breath, you will find your flow in life (again) as well. And leave you happy and closer to yourself returning home.