On the day I turned 4, it felt like my life started. On my way to school – in a small rural village in Holland – holding the hand of my mother, I somehow realised that my world was expanding. And I loved that feeling! Until today and having travelled extensively, I still have this great eager to explore and to live life to its fullest. Not only by visiting other countries and living in different cultures, but even more by making the journey inside.

With a bachelor degree in tourism I chose the right education, but that didn’t keep me from going on the wrong track. At the age of 28 – driving a company car, earning a good salary but hating my job – I looked in the mirror and asked myself: who are you? It stroke me right into my heart of really not knowing the answer. From one day to another I could not move my body anymore. It was clear to me that I needed to change.

The soul-searching started with a great journey of 2 years travelling around the globe. I got to know many countries and cultures, experienced spiritual love, got into the madness and beauty of India, started to explore Reiki, Ayurvedic massage, healing therapies and of course…yoga. It was like Eat, Pray, Love from Julia Roberts, and better.

Being almost 20 years further down the line now, it was the best decision I have ever made to listen to my soul calling. I learned it is the most important thing in life and that I can create my own world.

Travelling, my work as a writer, the journey of healing and Ayurvedic yoga…it all came together and it will grow as long as I live. A beautiful family (with a lovely partner and 2 kids) didn’t keep me from continuing a global lifestyle. With a Mediterranean life on an old finca in Spain, summers in the dunes of Holland and winters along pristine beaches in Asia. Just like I have always dreamed off.

Since summer 2017 we made a new big step to settle down in a – for us- new area in Holland, Nijmegen. We created De Bewustzijn Yurt, a loving space for spiritual coaching, energy healing and conscious growth.

You can read all about my journey by reading this file:  Spiritual development Mireille Goedkoop

Somewhere on the way you could meet my soulmate Michiel van der Ham as well. As a participant,  therapist in Family constellations, a business coach or as a photographer (he made all these pictures).